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Jim Bowen - Comedian and presenter of Bullseye
Jim kindly told us his story in early 2011.
You can read the full feature here.
Jenny Hanley - Magpie presenter.
Leonard Rossiter and I were going to the 'smash & grab' at Teddington for lunch - the normal cafeteria. As we stood in the queue with our trays, Eric Morecambe was walking behind us and he said 'What on earth are you doing that for?'

We said 'Well, this is lunch.'

He said 'But there's the executive dining-room round here and you don't pay anything for it.'

Leonard said 'We're not invited!'

Eric said 'That's ridiculous, I get paid I don't know how much and nobody asks me to pay for my lunch. You get paid an awful lot less and you're meant to pay for your lunch...? Down those trays and come with me!' And we did. We joined him for a free lunch in the executive dining-room for the two days that we were there.

It was very sweet of him.

I was on the Morecambe & Wise Christmas Special in the 80's. That was lovely. The difficulty was keeping a straight face. Eric, like Tommy Cooper, didn't need to do anything to make you laugh. If you do the sketch without laughing you're not in character, so it was tricky but it was wonderful. It was a huge compliment to be asked.

In the sketch Ernie was the bad landlord trying to throw the poor girl out into the snow. Granny was a terrible doll on a rocking-chair, and every time we went past granny we had to press on it to keep it moving and pretend she was alive. And every time anybody opened the door, one of the props guys would throw in a handful of fake snow.

Eric was the toff in the box in the theatre watching 'the play what he wrote' and complaining bitterly about the fact that granny wasn't alive and the snow wasn't real. It nearly descended into chaos, but it was lovely.

Thanks to Peter Robertson for the above.
Andre Previn - in reply to our email
I absolutely loved working with Eric and Ernie and I can safely say that I almost never missed their program. We had a great time together and I remember them with gratitude and in friendship.
Some of the nice things people have said about this site.. Thank you all.

Gail Morecambe
Wow! I have just spent a wonderful half-hour exploring this fantastic web site. I congratulate you on an outstanding achievment and offer my heart felt thanks for the time and considerable effort you have gone to in producing such a tribute to two very special men. Well done!

Gary Morecambe
Well done on the site. I'm sure my father, Eric, would have been very chuffed. Indeed, he'd have been thrilled that there has been so much continued interest 23 years after his death. Keep up the good work.

David - via feedback
The memory of Eric Morecambe continues not just though his work on tv, but through the contribution he made to the RSPB and especially Old Hall. He will not be forgotten. Regards and many thanks for such a fascinating website.