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Where Agents Fear To Tread

There are spies – and spies. They come in all sizes and in both sexes. There are the glamorour ladies dressed in diaphanous negligee and concealing little but a phial of poison or a packet of drugged cigarettes. There are the masked, cloak-and-dagger gentlemen with waxed moustaches who look anything but secret; and there are the modern, ordinary-looking business man or bank clerk types who are successful because they look just like modern, ordinary-looking business men or bank clerks.

And there are – Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise!

No one could really accuse this top pair of comedians of being intelligent – at least not in their first film – ‘Spylarks’.

Twenty five years ago they first teamed up as a cross-talk comedy act and since then they have reached the top in every branch of entertainment. And now they make their entry into films.

The secret of their success? The story of ‘Spylarks’ gives perhaps the best clue, for as the plot unfolds it becomes apparent that Wise is a fool, but Morecambe is a greater fool because he thinks Wise is – wise!

Ericisms & Wisecracks

Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise often had the film unit laughing at the remarks during the shooting at Pinewood of their comedy ‘Spylarks’. Here is a selection of Ericisms and Wisecracks:

Ericism: Ernie looks to me the same as he did 25 years ago when I first met him – and it’s time he did something about it.

Wisecrack: When I met Eric he had won a talent contest with a song “I’m not all there” – and he’s never really found the missing part.

Ericism: I’d give Ernie both my arms if he asked for them. He’d only give me one of his – but then he comes from Yorkshire.

Wisecrack: Eric comes from the county of Lancashire and I come from Yorkshire. It shows oil and water do mix.

Ericism: There’s nothing remarkable about Ernie and I sticking together for 25 years – think what a nice guy I am. Seriously though, If a double act that does well can’t stick together both are idiots.

Wisecrack: I shall always remember the first laugh Eric got on stage because it was his last.

Ericism: I used to work down a coal mine. Happy days – I used to work nights.

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