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Christmas with Morecambe & Wise - DVD

DVD Review from 2007

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Leonard Rossiter joins the fun
This DVD contains the two Christmas videos released previously, Christmas with Morecambe & Wise and Eric & Ern's Christmas.

As this DVD is almost impossible to get now, we'll take the contents from the video releases.

Both are from the Thames Christmas shows, one being the complete 1980 episode, the other a compilation.

Christmas with Morecambe & Wise
Taken from the Thames archive, this video features Eric and Ern in a series of sketches gags and dances. There are a couple of running gags such as carol singing outside No. 10 Downing Street and Peter Cushing still chasing payment for the show he did 10 years ago. Other highlights include Eric the peg, with Eric trying to do an impression of Rolf Harris and the funny Ventriloquist routine.
Contents: See video review

Eric & Ernie's Christmas Show
Starting off with Eric and Ern trying to sneak the Royal family into their show, only to have them stolen by Eamonn Andrews, it moves along to their usual show opening. Highlights include Leonard Rossiter who does a black and white parody of the Andrew Sisters and a great sketch in a pet shop.
Contents: See video review

Most of the things on here are good, but some are taken from their later shows when things had to slow down due to Eric's health. That's not to say it isn't still funny.

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