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Radio Times Promotional DVD

DVD Review from 2008

DVD cover
This promotional DVD, given away by the Radio Times in Christmas 2007 is probably one of the best freebies around - but then again it wasn't exactley free!

There were two methods of getting this, as it didn't come with the magazine. You could send a stamped addressed envelope to the value of 40p (plus the cost to get it there) or send a cheque - then of course you had to buy the magazine too…

Grumbles aside, this is a great DVD. Not only do you get the full Morecambe & Wise Christmas Show from 1976, but the full Two Ronnies Christmas Show from 1982.

The 76 show featured many sketches that have since gone on to be classics such as Singing In The Rain and of course Angela Rippons legs!

No doubt this will soon make it onto eBay, so if you really wanted it for your collection, keep an eye out.

Full contents:
Cracker / titles, Intro - Xmas watch, Morny Stannit, Table football, News at 10, Nolans, Elton John Singing melodies, Intro to Singing In The Rain, Singing In The Rain, Elton John as Ernie's new partner, Eric and Ernie Dance, Elton John Sings, Play: I'm In Tears (John Thaw & Dennis Waterman), Angela Rippon, End Song

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