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The Morecambe & Wise Show : Series 4

DVD Review from 2008

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Eric buying underwear

Fenalle Fielding again
2|entertain keep the ball rolling with the release of the 4th series from the BBC, full of joyous humour, cross-talk and timeless comedy we’ve come to know and love.

Running in at just 5 episodes (*see end of review), the original series was first aired in second half 1970 with the Christmas special following on.

The Christmas show is not included; it was released in the box set earlier in the year, so just the five episodes then. Despite having room on the DVD we still don’t get any extras.

The audio and video transfers are good and as usual the content is top notch with Eric and Ern still on top form, feeding off Eddie Braben’s scripts.

The guests are not world class, but the likes of Eric Porter and Fenella Fielding help to move things along. Fenella joins the boys for a second time, this time in a less revealing dress, and helps out Ernie in a Noel Coward style play.

One interesting sketch for fans appears in episode 2 where Eric and Ern visit Eric’s working class parents. The characters are called Sadie and George; fans will know these to be the real names of Eric’s parents.

Despite the press release stating that in this series we finally get to hear Janet Webb's first words, this is not true. We have to wait for series five for that. In this series though, she does appear at the end, taking the applause as the credits fade out.

Ann Hamilton again is on hand to provide various female roles and should be recognised for her contributions. (there is a joke in there somewhere!)

There are times when you genuinely feel that Eric and Ern are having a riot, particularly in the plays. Watch out for Eric Porter in Wuthering Heights as he throws the dead pheasant over his shoulder – a classic one in a million fluke which makes wonderful viewing, especially with Eric’s quips afterwards.

There is not a lot you can say about Eric and Ern that has not already been said a hundred times before, so we’ll just say, keep em coming 2|entertain.

Missing Episode?

According to records there was a 6th show, broadcast on 8th October, after the series had ended and a few months before the Christmas show. This was a new show with new content (see episode guide) and one would presume be part of the 4th series. Rumour has it that the BBC does not hold a copy of this show and this is the reason why it is missing from this DVD. More info as we get it!! (any help appreciated!)

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