Britain's Most Loved and Best Comedy Double Act

The Very Best Of Morecambe & Wise

DVD Review from 2008

DVD cover
At the time of release this was the best you could get in the DVD arena for Morecambe & Wise. Since the release of the full series though, this has been relegated to just a clips collection.

This 83 minute BBC compilation features really nice video and audio quality coupled with a great selection of sketches, songs and plays. Sadly let down by complete lack of any additional extras.

Intro - Hamlet, Living room - Glenda Jackson, Antony & Cleopatra, Vanishing piano, Eric Porter, Vanishing piano 2, Byron meets Keats, Eating crisps, Ernie's book gets published, Monty on the Bonty, Vanishing piano 3, Streaker, My blue heaven, In bed with the Dandy, Rattle, Arise Sir Ernest, Giant dummy, Draughty bedroom, The Stripper, Supermarket, Table football, Shuttle cock, Singing in the rain, Bring me Sunshine


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