Britain's Most Loved and Best Comedy Double Act

Eric & Ernie - The Very Best of Morecambe & Wise at the BBC

DVD Review from 2008

Three DVD set

Ernie plays joke on Eric
When I first heard about this 3 disc set I was quick to get my order in and excited about getting 3 hours of Eric and Ern. A few minutes into the first disc though, my feelings completely changed.

Let us start with the good things - the picture and audio are fine and there are plenty of sketches and routines. Now the bad - and this really spoils what could have been a brilliant release.

Whoever had the job of putting these together really should try harder to understand the concept of comedy. Many of the sketches are cut short, some by over 50% This really distracts, as a fan I found myself waiting for the great punchline only to be disappointed again and again.

Yes it has some great and full material on there, but there is no excuse for cutting things half way through.

Disk 1: Hamlet, Bed & Breakfast, Wedding Sketch, Monks, Shirley Bassey, Vanishing piano 1, Black eye, Slaughter on Western Ave, In bed with Dandy, Ernie takes a bath, Penelope Keith, Morning Standard, Streaker, Crisps, Ernie's new book, My Blue Heaven, Des O'Connor, Big hands, Rattle, Arise Sir Ernie, Giant dummy, Toy football, In the garden, The Stripper, Bring me Sunshine

Disk 2: Trousers, Monk pinball, Arms & Legs, Eric down the stairs, Vanishing piano 2, Reindeer, Nothing like a dame, Cliff Richard, Wig fight, Singing in the rain, Eric and piano, Draughty bedroom, Windmills of your mind, Cliff Richard 2, Antony and Cleopatra, Kettle drums, Angela Rippon, Penelope Keith, Poacher, Roy Castle, Bring me Sunshine

Disk 3: Sign dance, Byron meets Keats, Vanishing piano 2, Supermarket, Napoleon part 1, Long legs, Angela Rippon, Napoleon part 2,Tom Jones, Monty on the Bonty, Glenda Jackson dance, Tutankhamun, Andre Preview, Young Eric & Ern, Dick Turpin, Des O'Connor, Casanova, Vanessa Redgrave dance, Bring me Sunshine.


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