Britain's Most Loved and Best Comedy Double Act

That Riviera Touch

DVD Review from 2008

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Suzanne Lloyd meets the boys

The mystery thickens..
This was the second film for Morecambe & Wise from the Rank stable, and thankfully it gave them more room to work than the previous one.

Eric and Ern play two London traffic wardens who decide to take a holiday in the South of France. At the French airport, they are picked out to be unwitting carriers for a jewel thief Le Pirate. His plan is to use their car to get the gems out of the country and enlists Claudette (played by Suzanne Lloyd) to keep the two occupied.

Intercepted before they get to the hotel, they are told that, due to a mistake, they now have to stay a villa, which if course has been provided free of charge. The villa is the hiding place of the gems, and is also the target for several other jewel thieves.

Claudette uses her amorous charms to keep the two occupied, playing them off against the other for her affections and buying time for Le Pirate.

During a visit to the casino, Eric has a large win, causing concern for the theives. Claudette temps Eric into the sea and his money gets stolen while he's fooling around. At this point Ern begins to suspect she is mixed up in something.

He sets a trap and they all end up at the villa looking for the hiding place. Le Pirate, his henchman who is now in it for himself, Eric, Ern, Claudette and four other villains fight it out to grab the jewels.

The finale is a car and boat chase with Le Pirate being chased by Eric and Ern with the help of rear projection effects.

This is the best film they made, with some nice lines and gags, and plenty of comic opportunities given to Eric. A good romp that keeps you entertained, and despite the now outdated rear projection, worth watching (even if its just for the women in bikinis!).


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