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The Magnificent Two

DVD Review from 2008

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Oh look - a handgrenade!

Attack of the bikini women
This was the last of the Rank films promised to Eric & Ern, and was probably the worst of the bunch.

Having watched it several times, it does improve slightly over the first viewing, which is inevitably poor due to the viewer's knowledge of just how funny Eric & Ern can be. Their roles in this film were that of two travelling salesmen who end up in the revolution torn Parazuellia whilst selling toy soldiers.

The leader of the revolution, Torres, looks exactly like Eric, but is despatched early in the film when Eric opens a train door whilst in search of the toilet. As they arrive, he is mistaken for the leader and is taken captive during a gun fight by the President.

Eric & Ern are rescued and taken back to camp. With Eric now placed as the fake revolution leader, he makes a broadcast to the people which goes very wrong and he promises things that can’t be delivered.

This is where the split in the revolution camp occurs and a fake assassination is set up. The head of the revolution swaps the dummy bullet for a real one in the hope of killing Torres (Eric). The plan works but the female General is not pleased as now her counterpart wants to become the country's dictator.

When she learns Torres is alive (thanks to a bullet proof vest) she sends them away to safety with the President's children. He is hiding out in a large military museum deep in the country, and is soon joined by Eric, Ern and his rescued children.

Both factions of the revolution are chasing them, and it’s the bad guys who arrive first. Using dummies from the museum, Eric & Ern hold them off for a while, but eventually the gates are breached.

Eric and Ern are captured, but hope comes in the form of the female section of the revolution, who lead the charge (dressed only in underwear) , rescue them, overthrow the bad guys and save the day.


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