Britain's Most Loved and Best Comedy Double Act

Night Train To Murder

DVD Review from 2008

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Something isn't right here..

Who will the next victim be?
This is the forgotten film, it was not included in the film boxset and when people talk about the Morecambe and Wise films, they usually refer to the three more well known ones.

This film fares no better than their previous attempts, and like Laurel and Hardy before them, transition to longer features didn't quite suit their comedic skills.

The plot involves Eric and Ern playing two 1940's comedians when Eric's Niece Kathy turns up, played by the lovely Lysette Anthony. Shortly after, she is informed that she has been mentioned in the will of her great aunt, who has ten million pounds. To be part of the hand out she has to be at the Scottish castle by midnight.

Eric, Ern, Kathy and the dubious lawyer, played by Fulton Mackay, all travel on the train, during which are a few half-funny moments but nothing that stands out.

Once at Austin Hall, the usual collection of odd balls are present, the tall butler with a deep voice, the seductive lady, the old eccentric woman etc…

Soon enough, as you would have expect, the bodies begin to pile up and a mysterious masked figure stalks the secret passages. It is all a bit slow paced and predictable, with few laughs and the directing is very poor, almost distracting at times.

One for fans only.

The film was scripted by Eric, Ern and Joe McGrath, who also directed it (very badly), and was not shown until after Eric died in 1984. It is said that Eric hated this film, which is one of the reasons it was not released at the time.


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