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Still On My To Hollywood

Book Review from 2007


In the Merchant Navy
This is the Ernie Wise’s autobiography. It covers his life from the very early days of “Carson and the Kid” to life after Eric.

The book begins early and covers Ernie’s youthful days and his discovery at the age of 13. An overnight success, in the West End, he was dubbed the “The Yorkshire Max Miller”. Ernie had the world at his feet and his future as a solo song and dance man was bright.

There are stories of his meetings with Eric and Sadie and how the eventually came to work together. The struggles and the successes all told from Ernie’s view point.

Morecambe and Wise’s rise to the top, the US and UK TV shows. What is not covered extensively is the 3 Rank films. These are quickly and quietly brushed over with little surprise.

As this is Ernie’s biography the book carries on after Eric’s death. It follows Ernie on his tour of Australia and his attempts to keep himself working. He was, after all, originally a solo song and dance man. He was also a very good song and dance man. It is this early success and his continued desire to make it in Hollywood that does come through in this book.

A lot of the Morecambe and Wise stories in this book are also covered in the Eric and Ernie. It is the early stories and life after Eric that makes this an interesting read.

Note: This book is also available in audio format, read by Ernie himself.

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