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Morecambe vs Luton

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March 28th 2009 - It was a cold and windy day in Morecambe but luckily the forecasted sleet and rain held off for this fascinating game.

Unlike Gideon, I am not a football fan, but wanted to be there to experience the game and the atmosphere as two clubs with Eric Morecambe connections faced off.

Even the Eric Morecambe statue joined in with fans dressing him up in the Luton kit. The official programme also featured Eric on the cover with a few articles inside.

Luton, at the bottom of the table in division two, would probably be relegated and with Morecambe due to move to a newer ground, this would be the first and last time these two teams would meet here.

Eric’s old house in Chrisite Avenue was visible from the ground and he had fond memories of the team. Many photographs have been taken of Eric on the pitch and of course it was his home town.

Famously though, he became a director at Luton and avid fan. Luton Town appeared in many sketches and plays including Cleopatra with Glenda Jackson. Eric would usually carry a sign, initially hidden from camera, and at the opportune moment reveal it to roars of laughter and cheers.

For fans of Morecambe and Wise the dilemma was, who to support?

Morecambe started strong, dominating much of the first twenty minutes, rewarded with the first goal of the match after 21 minutes. From then on they seemed to hold back and let Luton do the work.

Luton seemed the hungrier and despite an earlier disallowed goal, drew even just before half time.

The second half was all Luton, cheered on by their fans, the continued to press Morecambe until the inevitable happen and they took the lead in the 59th minute.

A special mention must go to the Eric and Ern impersonators (Hi Bob and Mike) who helped warm the fans up before the game with some antics of their own. Eric’s son Gary was also there, but he didn’t reveal which team he was cheering for!

The Luton manager, in the days Sun newspaper stated that if his team won, he would do the Eric Morecambe dance across the pitch, so at the end all eyes and cameras were on him. Sadly he only did a few steps though!

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