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Tegestology - Collecting Beer Mats

2008 Article

Eric and Ern with their beer mats

Enjoying a pint
Tegestology is the pastime or hobby, of collecting beer mats. There are numerous websites and fan sites for this practice, with mats being sold and swapped all over the world.

Morecambe and Wise were keen collectors, and were even the honorary presidents of the tegestologist society. Wherever they went on tour in the UK or further afield, they would collect beer mats to add to their collection.

Eric and Ern even appeared on several mats to advertise their shows and films. There is even a rather good short film about the boys and their hobby.

We would have liked to have been able to offer it for viewing, but the license costs are far too high, and as a non-profit making site, we could not pay for it. This is a shame, as I’m sure it would have been of great interest to the fans.

Short clips from the film have been used in various documentaries, sometimes completely out of context, but from the stills I’m sure you can recognise it.

For other articles about Eric and Erns fascination with beer mats, see the panel on the left.

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