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Looking Back - Nell Gwynne

Feature from 2007

Opening credits

Eric, Ern and Diana

Lord Saye
It was a cold blustery day when a film crew descended on Broughton Castle on Monday 17th November 1975. They were not there to film a historical drama, or fact based documentary, but the highlight of the Morecambe & Wise Christmas Show, a play what Ernie wrote entitled Nell Gwynne.

At the time Eric commented to local reporters that their show was one of the most expensive to produce, and the Christmas show would take 4 weeks to complete.

Dressed as King Charles II and Samuel Pepys, Eric and Ern began filming exterior shots that would follow on from studio material already scripted. Along side them, adding a touch of glamour was Diana Rigg.

Nearly 32 years later, we were invited down to Broughton Castle by Lord Saye to film a retrospective feature and interview him about the events all those years ago.

In March of 2007, we duly set off for what was to be a long, tiring and satisfying day. Having suffered a blow out on the motorway and been caught in numerous local town traffic jams, we finally arrived at the majestic castle nestled in the Banbury countryside.

Greeted by Lord Saye, we chatted and drank coffee whilst looking around for shots and reminiscing about those couple of days in 1975.

To stand in the great hall that was featured so prominently was a strange experience, you could almost hear the music of the dance routine echoing around. It was like standing on a film set that you had seen a hundred times before, and yet this was real.

We filmed various shots of the castle and grounds before finally interviewing Lord Saye about the time Eric and Ern came to his home.

On our return we set about putting it all together, and after obtaining Lord Saye's approval, we can now release the featurette to the fans. We hope you enjoy it.

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