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Morecambe and Wise
Probably the best and most comprehensive book available. An absolute must for any fan.

There's No Answer To That
This is Morecambe and Wise’s second autobiography. Written in 1981 it continues where the 1973 Eric and Ernie blue autobiography stops.

Eric and Ernie

Review from 2007
AuthorDenis Holman
AvailabilityAmazon / eBay
This was the first autobiography / biography of the lads. Published in 1973 it covers their story from the early days of variety up till Eric’s heart attack and his return to work.

The book is written by Eric and Ern and refereed by Dennis Holman. Throughout the book you get the odd comedy moment that would not be out of place in a Morecambe and Wise show. The whistle is blown and play resumes!

It is written in the style of an interview, with walk on parts from their wives, Joan and Doreen.

The fact that this book covers their early career and not the glory days of the BBC might mean that you’d tend to avoid it as it is incomplete. You do this as your peril. The fact that this book covers in depth their climb up the variety ladder make it essential to any Morecambe and Wise book collection.

The book covers many stories. The success, the failures and the comedy moments. Moments like the time Eric, whilst solo, was hired as the straight feed to another comedian, another comedian by the name of Ernie Wise.

How they bounced back after the failure of “Running Wild” and the way the media shot them down so quickly but then built them up again. The American years, the films and even mentions that they had 2 other films in the pipelines for the mid 70’s.

The final chapter talks about Eric heart attack and his recovery.

The overall conversational type style suits this book well, and it turns out to be both informative and entertaining. Well worth a read.
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