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Library of the Lost Book - Mr. Lonely

Feature from 2010

New cover
Two of Eric Morecambe’s books are set to be re-launched under a new project entitle ‘Library of the Lost Books’, under the Harper Collins label.

The projects aim is to take small batches of books that are out of print and that are deemed ‘quirky’, in so far as they may only appeal to a smaller readership or have some significance to fans and readers.

“These books are impossible to get hold of brand new,” Scott Pack from the project told us, “you can get them second hand, but for enthusiasts or collectors, there’s nothing better than a brand new copy.”

The books will be given new covers and made available from the normal online retailers. A re-launch campaign will allow readers to order these books that will then be ‘printed on demand’ and delivered to your door.

Not only that, but with the modern technology now available, the books will be given the digital treatment and be made available in all major e-book formats.

The initial batch of four books is due out by August, amongst them will be Mr. Lonely, Eric’s very first novel. Following on shortly after, the second batch will contain Stella, Eric’s ‘unfinished’ book that was later picked up and completed by his son Gary.

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