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It seems, as all us fans already knew, that Eric and Ernie can still pull in the viewers and figures released back this up.

The BBC’s special Morecambe & Wise evening on New Years day chalked up some nice figures, although not as lofty as the record breaking 27 million from 1977.

The evenings entertainment began, at 7:55pm, with the Morecambe and Wise Christmas show from 1976, this on its own recorded an impressive 4.5 million viewers, just over 16% of the viewing audience.

Following this at 9pm, and the highlight for me (and not just because I was in it), was the new Victoria Wood drama about the early days of Morecambe and Wise, Eric and Ernie.

This pulled in just over 6 million, 23% of the viewing public. That figure is three times the average viewing figure for the 9pm slot on BBC2; impressive wouldn’t you say?

Following that was the documentary covering not only the making of that drama, but Eric and Ern’s early life too. This still chalked up just short of 4 million.

These shows were up against some stiff competition too; well, if you call ‘Come Fly With Me’ (Matt Lucas and David Walliams) competition. That managed 7.5 million, just beating the Eric and Ernie drama.

Also on at the same time was the comedy fest that is Live at the Apollo which totalled 4.2 million.

So all in all Eric and Ernie didn’t do so badly. The public, it seems, still remember them fondly and still enjoy watching the boys perform. And why not!

Take a break from the smutty swear-feast and grab yourself some real, honest, down-to-earth comedy, dished up by our favourite double act.

Here’s to next year, and may we have more of the same please.

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