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Eric enjoys a cigar
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I suppose my wife, Joan, is the best person to talk about me, but as she’s in the garden digging up the potatoes, I’ll make a start myself. Of course, I could get Ernie to fill in a few details, but he’s negotiating the take-over of a bank at the moment. Believe me, folks, when Ernie’s on a financial kick even the gnomes of Zurich go into hiding.

Basically, if you have good health, a fine family, and a good home, what more do you need? This is my philosophy. Everything that comes after this is just icing on the cake.

Despite the financial rewards that come with success, I try to keep my feet on the ground. Of course, it would be easy to take-off and become a high flyer, but thirty years of grafting have given me a dogged kind of common sense.

After all, can you imagine me doing a James Bond in the South of France and jetting off to the luxury spots of the world? You can’t? Then I’ll abandon my plans to become an international film star and settle down again with little Ernie.

I’m totally different to Ern in every way, but I respect and admire him. I try not to think about what I’d do if he wasn’t around. And no man can say more about his working partner.

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