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Goaldiggers Charity Single

Feature from 2011

The single
The Goaldiggers charity was the first football charity, as its name suggests, which was set up in 1972 to help underprivileged kids find somewhere to play the game. Raising money through charity football matches and other events help create pitches and training areas around the country. The initial chairman was Brian Forbes with Jimmy Hill taking over some time later.

Elton John recorded a single which was sold at the Goaldiggers charity ball in 1977. Each copy cost the buyer just £5 and only 500 were pressed. Some of the singles were signed by Elton himself, and although unconfirmed, one or more were pressed in brown vinyl. Unconfirmed only because we have a picture of one such single up for auction for a staggering $884, but it is not mentioned anywhere else.

The A side featured nice track, aptly named ‘The Goaldiggers Song’, written and performed by Elton. The track has never been released since and considering that only 500 were ever made, is something of a rarity. eBay has seen a few been placed for sale, usually unsigned and selling for around £180.

The B side is a long, 12 minute track playing at 33.3 RPM and features the voices of Elton, Brian Moore, Jimmy Hill and Eric Morecambe. The four just chat, tell jokes and explain the Goaldiggers charity. Despite some websites claiming Eric does not appear on this track, he pops up around eight minutes in when he joking says Elton has just gone to make some tea. He continues joking throughout the rest of the track.

Events were organised all over the UK such as celebrity five-a-side matches with the likes of Bob Geldof, Rod Stewart, Midge Ure and Phil Lynott lending their support.

The charity, according to the charity register, sadly closed its doors on 23rd March 2004.

You can listen to an extract from single by visiting our audio clips section.

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