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Wise by Morecambe. Have you been there? It's rather like Berwick on Tweed except that it has short, fat, hairy woods on the outskirts.

But seriously, Ernie Wise. What can I say? We've been partners since 1940 when, I hasten to add, we were mere boys with a minimum of schooling. Now we're grown men making our living out of a minimum of fooling! (Ernie always allows me one in any feature I write.)

With only 200 words to play with that gives me about 6 1/2 words for every year of our joint career.

Ah! Ernie Wise is a lovely feller. That takes up one year right away!

When I first met Ernie on the same variety bill as me, he used to call me "Sonny" just because he was - still is - six months older than me. I didn't take to him at first, but when he gave me a bar of chocolate that settled it. We've been closer than brothers ever since.

Ernie is a happy man, a great worker, and a shrewd business man. The secret of our joint success is that we get on. It's as simple as that. We disagree now and again, but we've never had a row. And although we spend our working life together, we keep our social lives completely apart. That way we never get tired of seeing each other.

Which reminds me. I wonder when Ernie is going to give me another bar of chocolate?

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