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Morecambe by Wise
Morecambe is a seaside resort on the North West coast. Yes, I can always get one in. Share and share alike, that's our motto.

Well, after all, Eric does come from there. His real name is Bartholomew and mine is Wiseman. As I come from Leeds we did think of calling ourselves 'Morecambe and Leeds,' but it sounded too much like an invitation to go on a coach tour.

I first met Eric when we were children. He was with his mother and I was on my own. Sadie Bartholomew took me under her wing and treated me like another son; she still does. Eric and I were like brothers and it was a pretty exclusive friendship, more then than it is now.

We were always together, we liked the same things, but naturally when we married our respective wives, our social life separated. Now we never mix away from work. We live our own lives. It's our work that holds us together.

I respect Eric and he respects me, but we're two very different personalities. That's why our partnership works, we have the good sense to limit our time together. After all, 32 years looking at the same face is a long time.

But I'll tell you. I would never have another partner. It just wouldn't be the same without Eric. There wouldn't be the same trust, the same understanding.

Do you know, we have no document of any kind binding us together ? How many of today's business partnerships can make such a claim, especially after 32 years ?

I know Eric's never had another bar of chocolate from me, but it's too fattening anyway. I think I'll give him a packet of KP nuts!

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