Britain's Most Loved and Best Comedy Double Act

Morecambe and Wise Board Game

Feature from 2008

Box art

Box contents

Playing the game
This 1976 board game by Denys Fisher regulalry pops up on eBay, but for those who are curious, or don't want to spend the cash, we present a full players guide.

Box contents:

Frame: The box contains a large white plastic frame, with two detachable legs. The frame consists of 48 square holes set out in a 8 x 6 grid. 48 coloured cubes and 4 dice. Instructions.


There are 48 cubes, all with 70's pop-art images of Eric and Ern on them in various colours and matching sets. For example there are three orange cubes with Ernie's legs on them.


Not conventional dice, but more cubes, this time with a different image on each side.

How to play:

First fill the frame with the cubes in a random order with the pictures facing both players..
Each player takes turns to throw the dice in clear view.
Both players then proceed to poke out the matching cubes from the frame onto the other players side. If a player knocks out the wrong cube, it is added to his opponents score (it can be moved to the opponents side if required).
The process is repeated until all cubes have been removed from the frame.
The player with the most cubes (including any incorrect ones from his opponent) on his side, has lost the game.

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