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Mike Fountain Plaque

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The Plaque


Gary, Gail and Lesley
Mike Fountain was Eric`s chauffeur from 1969 to 1984. He sadly passed away in May 2022 and to commemorate and celebrate this much-admired man, a plaque has been unveiled in his home town of Morecambe.

The plaque sits next to the famous Status of Eric on the seafront, and brings Mike and Eric back together again after so many years. Eric`s son and daughter, Gary and Gail, attended the event on 8th July 2023, with the unveiling done by Mike`s grandson.

"It is fantastic that Mike can be remembered right here next to Eric," Gary said, "he was more than just a driver, he was a member of our family. He drove us to school and was always by my father`s side wherever he went. He helped out on the live shows, often handing props through the curtains and always being in the wings to support Morecambe and Wise."

Gary and Gail arrived in Eric`s Rolls Royle, driven by Peter Yates, the man who rescued it from a scarp yard and renovated it back to its former glory.

"That car brings back so many happy memories." Gail recounted, "Being driver to school and out on trips. It was such a pleasure to get in it again and drive along the seafront here in Morecambe. It is fabulous to see Mike and dad together again and it is such a wonderful tribute a great man."

Lesley, Mike`s wife had arranged for the plaque and was thrilled by the event.

"The day couldn't have gone better," she said, "the weather held out, a lot of people are here and Gary and Gail supported me throughout. Mike really was part of their family, and he would be happy that he can be next to Eric again."

Gary recounted many events that Mike and Eric attended together saying "He and Eric were like a double act themselves. My father trusted him, he asked him about his performance, he drove him to shows, to recording studios and to corporate events. As Mike covered in his book, he and Eric had so many adventures together and my father was very lucky to have Mike by his side."

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