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Eric Morecambe Puffs to a Victory

1970 Article

Eric and pipe
Comedian Eric Morecambe has puffed home to victory as "Pipeman of the Year."

He beat politician Lord Shinwell - who has been smoking for seventy-two of his eighty-six years - into second place. TV personality Peter west came third.

Eric said when told of his award: "I love my pipe, and take it with me everywhere I go."

He then offered a slogan to pipe-smokers everywhere: "Smoke and the world smokes with you, but light your pipe on the bus and you smoke alone."

Previous winners of the competition - run by the magazine Tobacco and the Briar Pipe Trade Association - include Harold Wilson, Rupert Davies, Andrew Cruickshank and Warren Mitchell.

Eric said of his partner Ernie Wise: "He sneaks a puff now and again, but he's too frightened to smoke one himself in case his hair catches fire."

Runner-up Lord Shinwell said he had a collection of fifty pipes.

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