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The Reluctant Vampire

Book Review from 2007

This was Eric's first children's novel. Instead of trying to write a poor description of the book I will reproduce the books introduction, which covers the book superbly.

“It is a wild, stormy night in the small village of Katchem-by-the-Throat, in the tiny country of Gotcha, where the unhappy Gots are still ruled by Vampires after four hundred years. At Bloodstock Castle lives Victor, King of the Vampires, and his devoted wife, Queen Valeeta.

They have two sons: Vernon, who has a nasty habit of turning people into stone, and Valentine, who reveals the horrible fact that he can't stand the taste of blood! That's only the beginning of an incredible story that will keep readers of all ages in stitches!”

The back also contains the following review quotes:

“Slapstick dialogue and ghoulish goings-on….” The Mail on Sunday

“Lots of typical Eric laughs for seven and eights – and the rest of the family if they can get hold of it for long enough” Mother Magazine

“Sparkling and spooky…. Full of wit and word-play” Lancashire Evening Post.

Well, the book has a lot to live up too. Will it keep me in stiches? Is it full of wit and word play?

When I decided to read this book I wasn't sure what to expect. It was a children's book after all. Surely it would be boring to read and silly.

To be honest it did take a couple of attempts to get into as It didn't seem to draw me in and keep me gripped. I persisted and I have to say I'm glad I did.

Yes this book isn't Harry Potter, but it’s a fun little book. I'm sure that most young readers would love this from the start. Perhaps that's what I was missing from the start. The imagination and easy going brain of a child.

The story follows the life of a family of Vampires and their friends in the amusingly named village of Katchem-by-the-Throat. The story follows a simple plot that would not be out of place in a 1940's horror. Without wanting to give the story away, the villagers revolt and decide to rise up against the Vampires. Will they succeed? Will the Vampires survive?

The story also has other characters such as Wilf the Werewolf and Igon the disfigured servant. Other comedy touches in the book include the phonetic writing of how the Vampire King speaks. For example “Good Evening” is written “Gutt evenink”

As long as the reader remembers that this book is written for young readers and reads it from that view point, it makes a great read.

Eric followed this book up with a sequel called the Vampires Revenge. A third volume was also written by Gary called the Vampire King, but was only ever published in Norway!!!

The price of this book is going up all the time, the cheapest we could find was £25, so keep hold of your copy.


© 2007

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