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The Vampires Revenge

Book Review from 2007

This is the second instalment of Eric's Vampire novels, that he wrote for children.

Published in 1983 the book continues a few years after The Reluctant Vampire finishes.

Once again the novel is illustrated by Tony Ross

The book feels and reads much better than its predecessor. You get the feeling that Eric was really starting to enjoy his writing.

One of the great bits about this novel is the use of comic cross talking. Just as Eric and Ernie would do on stage.

The story is fairly basic and quite obvious. One of the vampires from the first novel is seeking to get their revenge on the other characters.

The novel is a good read and I found myself racing to get to the end. In fact I couldn't put the book down once I had started on the last few chapters. How would it end? What was going to happen? It was all building up to a frantic finish! How was Eric going to conclude this?

Well I have to return to one of my previous reviews. Oh Dear.

The ending, in my opinion, is disappointing. It had a lot of potential. Having said that I have no idea how I would have ended it, keeping in mind that it was a novel for children.

It's worth getting if you enjoyed the first book. There is plenty in the rest of the book to enjoy.


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