Britain's Most Loved and Best Comedy Double Act

Life's Not Hollywood, It's Cricklewood

Book Review from 2007

Written by his son, Gary, this is a personal look at family life with Eric.

There are many light-hearted stories about Eric and his family. There are also stories of the sadder and painful times surrounding Eric’s health.

In the same vain as Morecambe and Wife, this book is not about Morecambe and Wise, but about life with Dad or Eric to you and me.

This book is embellished with nice selection of colour photos and makes a nice compliment to the other detailed Morecambe and Wise books.

Taken from the BBC press release:

The book is filled with fascinating recollections of life with Eric, from his perennial Long John Silver impersonations at home, to entertaining incidents such as those resulting from Eric's love of Luton Town football club, his near-death experience in a rubber dinghy, and his one disastrous attempt at cooking.

Eric Morecambe, Life's Not Hollywood, it's Cricklewood also takes a frank and critical look at the mechanics and the fall-out of fame. Gary was just starting school when the Morecambe and Wise partnership first achieved national recognition, so his formative years, and those of his sister Gail and adopted brother Steven, were spent in the shadow of their father's working life.

They witnessed first-hand, the highs and lows of their father's phenomenal success put on his personal relationships, health and home life, and met many of the leading show business figures of their father's generation.

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