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Morecambe & Wise Memorabilia

Movie Press Packs

As feature films are released, the press are given packs that introduce them to the film, story and characters to facilitate reviews and promotion. In this series of features we reveal some of the weird things you can find in these packs.

The Intelligence Men (aka Spylarks)

1965 saw the release of the first Morecambe & Wise movie that was part of a three film deal with Rank. Eric and Ern had always wanted to do movies and follow their heroes Laurel and Hardy onto the big screen. When Rank made them the offer of three films in three years, they snapped it up.

That Riviera Touch

With their second film, Eric and Ern were given a bit more room but still felt restricted in this medium. Of the three films this is probably the best. Read more about the making of the film in our interview with Suzanne Lloyd.

Magnificent Two (aka What Happened at Campo Grnade)

Eric and Ern's third and final film for Rank. The boys play toy salesmen caught up in a revolution. It is interesting to read some of the material in this one, especially when Eric and Ern are being hyped up as having two previous 'smash hit' films.

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