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My Future Without Eric
"Ernie also has plans for some memoirs what he might write if his comedy partner Eric Morecambe’s health does not recover in the way everyone hopes."
1938 - Chuse Ow
Still only twelve Ernie Wise, then known as Ernest Wiseman, was entering local talent contests and slowly getting noticed. Here are newpaper articles that cover one of his last ones.
1939 - Fame in a Night for 13-Year-Old ‘Max Miller’
Ernie wowed them in his London debut aged just thirteen.
1940 - Lancs Talent On Parade In Big M.M Search
Article from the Melody Maker with the news of the talent show winners including Eric Bartholomew.
1954 - The Lads Who've Got Nothing To Lose
Just before Running Wild was due to air, Eric and Ern talk about their hopes….
1960 - Display Shelves For Morecambe and Wise
A strange article from 1960 with Eric and Ernie being shown how to build a wooden shelf.
1960 - Morecambe and Wise Still Scoring
Eric and Ern are still popular despite Running Wild
1961 - When Two Quarters Make A Whole
That adds up to Morecambe and Wise… interview from the TV Times
1962 - Swinging Doors On Their Minds
In the rehearsal room not more than a lion’s roar from the London zoo, “Sick and Did” are trying to open the door without actually doing so…
1962 - Morecambe and Wisecracking
Two nuts – nice nuts, though – in a madhouse. Only they call it a dressing room. And we call them Morecambe and Wise…
1963 - Getting Wise To Morecambe
The return of the Morecambe and Wise Show next Saturday has prompted many TV Times readers to ask: “Who is Morecambe and who is Wise?”
1963 - Fascinated with beer mats
Eric and Ern talk to the Dublin Evening Press 1963
1964 - Serious Business... This Comedy
Comedians are an odd lot. In general, they tend to be considered over-bearing. In fact, a good many of them are serious to the point of boredom…
1964 - The Beatles get Wise (and Morecambe)
Article from the TV Times 1964, when The Beatles appeared on the show.
1964 - We're Giving TV A Rest
Eric and Ernie talk about taking a break from TV to concentrate on doing films.
1965 - Keep a Straight Face.. It’s the Intelligence Men
Article from 1965 Showtime magazine about The Intelligence Men film.
1966 - Date With A Calendar
Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise duly reported for lunch. With a calendar. A good article about Eric and Ern's writers Sid and Dick.
1967 - What’s it like being married to a comedy man?
An interview from March 1967 with the wives of Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise from Photoplay Magazine
1967 - Those Two Fellers
An interesting article about Sid and Dick, writers of the ATV series.
1967 - Titbits - January 1967
Company will report at 06:30 hours in battle order. All ranks will parade with automatic weapons in a state of readiness…
1967 - Chaos when the boys go to war
Short article from Showtime magazine about the Magnificent Two.
1968 - Ernie Wise seek that Good Samaritan
Ernie wise makes a plea in a local newspaper to find the man that helped his partner.
1968 - Good Samaritan Found
The mystery of the Good Samaritan who helped Eric Morecambe to hospital is solved
1968 - ITV’s Morecambe and Wise switch to the BBC.
Article from 1968 breaking the news about the channel move by Eric and Ern.
1969 - Eric's Back
Back from a heart attack, and with his partner Ernie, Eric chats about his future and the future of Morecambe and Wise. A new article for our archives from 1969
1970 - TV All Stars Annual 1970
An article from the TV All Stars Annual giving a brief description of their career plus a few words from the boys.
1970 - Eric Morecambe Puffs to a Victory
Eric receives Pipeman of the Year.
1970 - Articles from the KP Family Fun Book
Here are a series of articles taken from the Family Fun Book produced by KP in 1970. Articles cover the Morecambe & Wise Story plus their views on each other and themselves
1970 - The (KP) Morecambe and Wise Story
Article from the KP Family Fun book.
1971 - Morecambe and Wise Interview (1971)
Interview with Morecambe & Wise in Southampton, October 1971.
1971 - I’m a song and dance man – not a comic
Ernie Wise talks to the Slough Evening Mail
1972 - A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Boardroom
Is it possible to get a professional comedian to be serious about football?
1972 - A Funny Thing Happened On Stage
Abridged segment from the Schoold Boy's Annual 1972 in which the boys chat about ad-libbing.
1972 - Smedley's Adverts
Article from the in-house journal at Smedley's
1973 - The Wonderful Girls In Our Lives
Article taken from Woman magazine in 1973. Eric and Ern chat about their early lives.
1974 - Seventies Programme
View and read one of the standard show programmes from the seventies.
1974 - Two Of A Kind
Morecambe & Wise rank alongside bacon and eggs, cheese and pickles and bubble and squeak as one of the great partnerships of our time. Article taken from the 1974 Look-In TV Comedy Annual.
1974 - All About The Birds and The Bees..
How Gordon Beningfield gave up stained glass for birdwatching – and taught Eric Morecambe a thing or two.
1974 - Football's Top Of The Bill
Eric and Ern discuss football in an article taken fom Shoot magazine 1974
1975 - Eric on computers…
Eric tells Computing magazine about his little calculator in 1975.
1976 - Eric's Titbits
Only Here for a Laugh - Eric’s Titbits – 1976
1976 - Eric and Ernie Topping The Bill at the Palace
Ernie`s account of receiving the OBE in 1976
1978 - What is Tegestology - Ask Morecambe & Wise
Clipping from The Morecambe & Wise Special
1978 - What D'you Think Of It So Far
Eric’s interview in the SUN Soccer Annual 1978
1979 - My Future Without Eric
Article taken from Titbits magazine. Ernie discusses the possibility of working alone.
1979 - This Is Their Life
Book extract by Eric and Ern taken from this collection of celebrity histories.
1980 - Eric and Ernie's Public Secret
What is it that makes Morecambe and Wise Kings of Comedy? Ask Eddie Braben.
1990 - Desert Island Discs – Ernie Wise
Ernie wise on Desert Island Discs
1995 - Wise After The Event as the BBC Finally Cash In
BBC cash in by selling shows abroad.
2002 - Bring Me Sunshine
As the successful stage show "The Play What I Wrote" brought praise from anyone who went to see it - in England - how well did it do in America? This review from The New Yorker tells us.
2007 - Eric and Luton Town FC
What was Eric's connection with Luton Town football club?
2007 - Eric and Ernie bring us joy
Joan and Doreen have a pretty good idea about their husbands popularity
2007 - The Other Morecambe and Wise
They are the ultimate support act, the wives of Eirc and Ern
2008 - Tegestology - Collecting Beer Mats
Tegestology is the pastime or hobby, of collecting beer mats, and Eric and Ern are big collectors.
2009 - The Woman Behind Morecambe and Wise
Behind every great man is a great woman; Sadie Bartholomew
2009 - Luton v Morecambe - Flashback
An article from the Luton v Morecambe match (2009) looking back to 1974, promotion and giving Eric a celebration bath.
2009 - Simply Eric and Ernie
Do you know what you were doing on Christmas Day 1977 around 8:55pm? A recent article from Best Of British magazine.
2009 - Nice Little Erner
Stella McCartney T-shirt for Red Nose Day 2009
2009 - Morecambe v Luton - Programme Article
An article from the programme of the Morecambe v Luton football match.
2009 - The Show Wot I Starred In
Ann Hamilton reveals what it was like starring along side Morecambe and Wise throughout their career.
2009 - Morecambe and Wise - The Garage Tapes
Press release following the discovery of rare tapes by Doreen Wise.
2010 - 2009 Roundup
Our first yearly round up of Morecambe & Wise news, all wrapped up in a nice PDF newsletter.
2010 - Eric and Bombardier
Eric Morecambe features on 2009 Bambardier adverts all over the UK.
2010 - Heart to Heart with Doreen
Heart to Heart with Doreen Wise when his statue was being unveiled.
2011 - Eric's Last Performance
Stan Stennett, who was putting on lots of shows at the Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury, rang me to ask if I would do a very special charity show and would I book the band…
2016 - Statue Broken in Sheffield
The fibreglass statue gets damaged in Sheffield